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A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Download the extension: Follow the provided link to download the Crafty Copilot Chrome extension.

  2. Install Crafty Copilot: Add the extension to your Chrome browser by following the installation prompts.

  3. Grant permissions: Allow the necessary permissions for Crafty Copilot to function properly.

  4. Get a ChatGPT Plus subscription: Ensure you have an active ChatGPT Plus subscription for the extension to work.

  5. Obtain your API key: Visit the ChatGPT Plus page at to get your API key.

  6. Create and secure your API key: Generate a new API key and remember to keep it confidential.

  7. Enter the API key: Input the API key into the designated field within the Crafty Copilot extension.

  8. Pin the extension: Pin Crafty Copilot to your Chrome Extension toolbar for easy access.

  9. Start using Crafty Copilot: Go to your Etsy shop account, engage in customer chats, and enjoy the support provided by Crafty Copilot.

Follow these steps to seamlessly integrate Crafty Copilot into your Etsy experience and revolutionize your customer communication process.

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